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  • add remove How long does it take for me to eventually get the car?

    It can take anywhere from 5 working days to longer depending on how smooth the vetting process went. Typically an account officer would be assigned after the vetting process to help you with the inspections and price points for the available vehicles and they would keep consulting with you till you make a choice.

  • add remove What are your interest rates?

    It can be as low as 10% depending on the duration of the instal-mental payment.

  • add remove Where are the car options for me to make my choice ?

    We are tailor made client service. We understand your choice, assess your finances and then book inspections for you to physically inspect the cars of your choice after we have vetted you.

  • add remove What is the vetting process?

    This is the process where we compute your provided information including your accounts to see that you are financially fit for the responsibility of paying for a car in monthly instalments. We access every data you provide very carefully to come up with a solution to help you achieve the dream of owning your vehicle.

  • add remove Why do I have to pay for the vetting process?

    We use third party verification services as well as our team to help in a speedy verification exercise that costs the company money. We only think it is fair that you bear some of that cost. We also use this as a filter to help us distinguish the serious candidates for car financing who provide accurate information from the rest given the thousands of interests we receive daily.

  • add remove Why is the vetting fee higher for entrepreneurs and self employed persons?

    Because it is a little more costly to gather the information needed to do our checks from a business owner given the usual autonomy of the working environment and the sometimes unavailable public information about what is usually a small company.

  • add remove Can I visit your office?

    Yes, after we have completed your vetting process and an account officer has been assigned to you.

  • add remove What happens if I stop paying or if I am unable to continue to pay for the car I bought?

    We would issue a few warnings and if the payments do not show up we would be left with no choice but to retrieve the vehicle with all previous payment considered a leasing fee for the ownership of the vehicle for the duration for which it was with you.

Check FAQs related to sellers
  • add remove What is the guarantee I would get my money paid?

    We do our checks on every person before standing in for them. We confirm their addresses, accounts, their person and their credit history before pairing them up with a car owner/ seller. Also we insure your car against loss and theft for extra measure.

  • add remove What if they steal the car?

    The car is insured and the insurance company would have put a tracker in it to help them in the recovery. Failure to recover the car the insurance company would have to provide the full sum of your vehicle.

  • add remove What if my car is damaged before the full payment and the buyer asks to return it or refuses to pay?

    The insurance company would repair the car, the car would be retrieved, all earlier payments would be forfeited. This is a very unlikely scenario.

  • add remove Why don’t you just pay for the vehicle at once?

    We do, but however you can earn a lot more if you give the car up for instalment payments. You won't have to sell for a much reduced value and can in fact gain up to 15% more in cash value for your car.

  • add remove Where is your office?

    We provide this information as soon as you have furnished us with details of the car you have for sale. Our office is only opened for scheduled meetings as we would love to meet with you to discuss further.