Our Vision

Our team comprises over 80 persons from various proficiencies all coming together to provide a simple solution for the future of car ownership in Nigeria. We have all collectively had several years of experience in various sectors of the Nigerian business eco-systems including but not limited to financing, accounting, car dealership and trade, e-commerce, law, administrative, customer service and entrepreneurship. Our goal is simple, to become the largest platform for car ownership in Nigeria ushering in first time car owners who would have never considered the option if not for our service. We believe that allowing for the ease of ownership by spreading the payment over months instead of the usual insistence on full payments would soon become a norm that our platform is spearheading. We have seen time and time again that the market choses its winners, and winners are often the ones who provide the most comfort. So our vision is to be the largest car company in Nigeria by providing the most comfortable payment plan.

vision image