About Paymonthly Cars

Our mission is simple:

To provide a client tailored service that allows for the easy ownership of vehicles to a wider range of people who might have had a harder time getting these type of payment facility using traditional financial channels.

We are changing the game with a simple and innovative solution that is a win for buyer, seller and sponsor.

With PayMonthlyCars you can finally own the car of your dreams, pay in monthly instalments of up to 12 months, and drive off with it after your first payment.

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Buy A Car

Pay for that car in monthly instalments of up two 12 months. Drive off from your first payment

With PayMonthlyCars you no longer have to burn a hole in your pocket to afford that car. Gone are the days where you have to pay all at once, we are bringing Nigeria up to speed with the rest of the world with simple innovation that makes everyone happy!

Our vetting process allows us know that you are ready and fit for our client tailored service Click the button below, Fill in the form, follow the instructions and get vetted to have an account officer who would be assigned to you.

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Sell A Car

Own a car? Struggling to sell it off for a good price? With PayMonthlycars you can sell that car off in a day and earn up to 15% more cash for your car after the payment period.

With PayMonthlyCars you no longer have to sell your car as a distressed asset. Our clients are very happy to take it off your hand at a fair price. Our clients are vetted by us, your car is insured, your payments are guaranteed, and the best part, you get more cash for agreeing to an instalment payment plan.



Our Partners

We are partnered with over 100 car dealerships across the country, insurance companies, third party verification services and financial institutions.